Sanatorium Don

Klenovaya alleya, 6, Voronezh, Voronezh region, 394070

About sanatorium

The Don Health Resort is located 5 kilometers away from Voronezh and surrounded by a lush leafy forest.

This is one of the few Russian health resorts, where radon water is used for medical treatment.

Radon is the most active noble gas. The research of radon properties has not been completed yet, but the healing power of radon containing mineral water has been known since ancient times. As a chemical element, radon was only discovered in the 20th century, but the radon containing mineral water was called the “life water” long before the radon discovery. When fairy tales tell us about “life water”, it is the radon enriched water they speak of. The Don resort is the place where you can submerge into a world of fairy tales.

The radon containing water at the Don resort comes from Liskinsky underground source, one of the only four springs in the entire country.

Apart from radon the Liskinsky water contains sulfates, chlorides, calcium, magnesium, uranium, radium, bromine, iodine, strontium, zinc and fluorine. This combination of elements contributes to pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties of the water.

Radon baths normalize metabolism and the functionality of the endocrine system, improve the vascular tone, normalize blood pressure and prevent blood clotting.

The radon water not only improves vitality, but it is also strengthening internal organs, normalizes body functions and has a remarkable rejuvenating effects.

The health resort’s private beach runs along the Don River. It is a perfect spot for recreation, fishing or enjoying the crystal-clear water from the local spring, which is undoubtfully the cleanest water source in the region. The resort bioclimate is excellent.

The resort is ideal for weddings and other celebrations. We are very popular with our corporate clients and have a long history of providing our conference facilities for business meetings, seminars, exhibitions and other corporate events, along with radon mineral water treatments.

The resort achieved 2 star rating.